Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Season is Creeping up!

Well, you might have noticed a slight change in the appearance of my blog. You might or might not know, I am a big Halloween fan and haunted attraction aficionado. So what can I write about in this post? Well, two of my good friends Ross Karpleman and Steve Jay, own and operate the House of Shock in New Orleans. The House of Shock is a gigantic haunted house/horror show located in Clearview.

Ross and Jay started the attraction years ago in Jay Gracionette's grandfather's back yard. Jay is a also a business partner. Their 4th partner in the venture was Phil Anselmo of the band Pantera. The attraction grew, achieving massive success after several years, becoming one of the largest and most prolific dark attractions in the country. The show draws up to and sometimes over 40,000 attendees.

They have been featured in several network and cable Halloween specials, as well as articles in various media including Playboy and USAToday. I have visited the House of Shock several times and have jumped into costume and character in for some of the fun, scaring the patrons that line up by the thousands to experience one of the most intensely terrifying horror shows anywhere.

On a culinary point, (since this is a foodie blog) Phil Anselmo's family owns Anselmo's, a fine Italian restaurant in Metairie. My son Martin is a heavy metal guitarist, as well as a big fan of Phil's newest band, Down. My pal Ross plays keyboards and also appeared on Down's last CD. Ross is a longtime friend who was nearly washed out by Katrina. He is restoring his house in Lakeview with plans to move back in soon. I am sure though, the House of Shock has his full attention these days.

If you'd like to know more about the House of Shock you can click HERE. For information about my Halloween activities go HERE. To locate a Halloween Haunted Attraction in your area, go HERE or HERE. Check back by during October for more fun seasonal posts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brian Landry Cookin' Busters @ Galatoire's

Here's Chef Brian Landry of Galatoire's frying up some soft shell crabs. This looks so good you can smell them!
You can find more incredible videos of the great New Orleans chefs at… www.NOLA.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zapp's Chips

In my never ending effort to bring you great products of New Orleans and South Louisiana, I bring you Zapps Chips.   A truly unique and wonderful potato chip selection that includes PLAIN, CAJUN CRAWTATOR, MESQUITE BBQ, NO SALT, HOTTER 'N HOT JALAPENO, CAJUN DILL, CREOLE TOMATO, SOUR CREAM & CREOLE ONION, SALT & VINEGAR.  Check out these great potato chips when  in New Orleans or order them from their website.

Poor Galveston

My beautiful Galveston was shattered last weekend by Hurricane Ike.  I had prayed it would veer off, but no it went in with full force and did millions maybe billions in damage.  I have called friends that evacuated and they're OK.  Galveston will return, but it will be a while.  Houston will also need much repair.

I have worked in and out of Galveston for many years now, I hope Sharon and Paul at the bookstore are OK, as well as my friends at Galveston Limo.  I look forward to seeing the gang at Leo's Cajun Corner and hope their new dining room was spared.  I will be back soon for some boudin.  Good luck friends in Texas, God bless you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Galatoire's Cookbook Bargain

Well, I was in a Book Warehouse and got a real bargain.  I got the Galatoire's Cookbook by Leon Galatoire.  It was published in 1994, and I guess some of them have found their way to the close-out racks, or book "Big Lots."

Either way I got one and am really enjoying it so far.  Galatoire's was my first fancy restaurant to eat in my first trip to New Orleans, and I still remember the Trout Muniere Almondine with a Crabmeat Cocktail for starters.  If you can't find yours from the discount tables, you have to…

When in New Orleans be sure to visit Galatoire's Restaurant for a once in a lifetime meal and dining experience. I recommend the trout.  So tasy you'll not want to eat it, you'll want to kiss it square on the mouth.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NOLA spared by Gustav

It seems that New Orleans eased by fairly unscathed form Hurricane Gustav on Monday. The storm made landfall 72 miles southwest of the city Monday morning. The levees held and the repairs, made in the last 3 years, seem to have been fairly effective. I, along with millions, had prayed and held our breath for days. I am so relieved and happy for all my friends in the area. I do worry about friends in Houma, hopefully everyone there is alright.

I also admire the Republicans for delaying their convention in concern for the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Gustav. I am sick of everyone blaming everything but the weather on George Bush. Ray Nagin is a moron, I cannot believe he was re-elected. Gov. Bobby Jindal however, did an amazing job during the crisis. Good on you RNC, great job Governor.