Tuesday, August 25, 2015

RouxBDoo's Low Carb Gumbo

Hi friends, in an effort to help others, I am posting my “Low Carb Gumbo” recipe I have developed.  As some of you might know I have been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.  I have adopted a Low Carb lifestyle and am enjoying reworking some of my old recipes.  This recipe for gumbo contains everything from my regular gumbo except for a roux, or rather the flour for a roux.

A Cajun dark roux is made for flavor, not for thickening.  The darker the roux, the less thickening power it has, whereas a blonde roux will thicken a soup significantly.  The okra will thicken the gumbo and the Filé powder (if available) will also thicken it, if it is fresh.  I don’t think you’ll notice a big difference.

If you serve it with rice you are defeating the purpose.  This Gumbo is Low Carb, not Low Fat, nor Low Calorie.  It tastes like your good ol’ Nawlins’ Gumbo Ya-Ya (chicken, andouille, and shrimp) just not as dark.  Be choosy when selecting your smoked sausage and find one without so much sugar and carbs in it.  Always check the labels.  The yield of this recipe is about 6 servings of 10 oz each.  Each serving around 5 grams of carbs.  Like every Gumbo, it’s always better the second day reheated and simmered  Yes, all you purists I added some tomato in the form of Rotel.  We'll just call it Creole-ish.

Remember, the key to a successful Low Carb lifestyle is don’t let yourself get bored, don’t let yourself get hungry.  Good Luck Friends!


½ (2 oz) small onion, diced (4g carbs)
1 lg stalk celery, diced (.5g carbs)
½ cup green pepper, diced (2g carbs)
1 tbs minced garlic (1g carbs)
1 tbs Worcestershire sauce (3g carbs)
½ lb Andouille sausage (4g carbs)
2 green onions, diced (2g carbs)
2 chicken stock cube (or 2 tbs stock powder) (2g carbs)
½ cup Rotel tomatoes (2g carbs)
1 cup okra (4g carbs)
½ rotisserie chicken, skinned, boned and rough chopped (0g carbs)
8 - 12 oz shrimp (cleaned and deveined) (0g carbs)
6 cups water (0g carbs)
¼ cup or ½ stick butter (0g carbs)
½ tsp liquid smoke (0g carbs) *opt.
1 tbs Filé powder (3g carbs)
½ tsp each salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, dried Italian herbs (1g carbs)

Serving size: 8-10 oz
Total servings: 6
Net carbs: under 5

Melt butter in a pot on MED heat, saute your onion until brown, add garlic, celery, green pepper, and spices.  When it has started to cook down add your okra.  Stir this a bit to work the “Shine” off the okra. Now, add your smoked sausage, chicken meat, and stir well for about 5 mins.  Add Rotel, Worcestershire, liquid smoke, stir well to further combine all the ingredients.

Set the 6 cups of water on the stove in a pot and bring to a boil.  Add your chicken stock and blend well.  If you have time you can skip using the stock cube and make stock from the bones and skin of the chicken, along with any onion or celery scraps, bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes.  Strain all the scraps and bones from the stock and use 6 cups in your gumbo.  *Never use green pepper scraps in a stock.

Add the stock to the gumbo pot. Bring up to a boil and then simmer well for an hour.  Just about 15 mins before serving add your filé powder, green onions, and shrimp.  Check your seasonings and salt, then let this wonderful gumbo relax a bit while the shrimp are getting cozy and your filé is doing it’s job thickening the soup up.

Enjoy this soup without worrying about the carbs.  Take care and check in again soon!



  1. It looks delicious. I was low carbing until 2 weeks ago when I got my blood work back. My triglycerides were over the top so I am now on low fat.

    good luck on the weight loss


    2. If you're losing weight they will go up. Always get bloodwork done when you're not losing.

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    4. I've never had gumbo before, but thus looks delicious.
      I've never heard of that sausage before though. Is there another name for it?

    5. Oh, and have you ever had this with cauliflower rice? I have type 2 diabetes too, and rice sends my blood sugar soaring.
      As long as I season it well, cauliflower is a great substitute.

    6. Oh, and have you ever had this with cauliflower rice? I have type 2 diabetes too, and rice sends my blood sugar soaring.
      As long as I season it well, cauliflower is a great substitute.

    7. I have not but I am going to try it. Have you tried it yet?

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  4. Sounds great to me.
    I stopped using butter and flower about 5 years ago and switched my method up.

    I rough cut all my vegetables into large chunks, then season and coat with olive oil. Then roast them in the oven until they look a hint burnt. - PS I leave the skin on the onions and hole heads of garlic.
    Once roasted, I pull them out and food process the whole thing - pepper seeds, onion skins and all.
    Final step is to run this though a siv ( china cap) and into my heated chicken stock.

    The results is a dark gumbo thats thicker than soup but not pasty. The flavor is consistent with a dark roux. From there, add the roasted meats and pan dripping. Damn, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

    1. LF, love that idea. Would you care to share your recipe?

  5. wondering how 6 cups of water is going to render 6 10oz servings of gumbo??

    1. By the time the meat, etc is added to the 6 cups of water it takes less that a cup of water to fill the cup. That is how it happens.

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