Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oil Spill in NOLA

Well, I was on the Cruise Ship MS Fantasy this week and there was a big oil spill, or "Erl" spill in NOLA on Wednesday.  The ship will not be calling in New Orleans for a few weeks.  I hope its not long,  I miss New Orleans, plus I have to take a bus from Mobile, Alabama (we're docking there for the tim being) to New Orleans.  About 2+ hours, then fly home.  I did have a bowl of gumbo in the airport today, fair at best.

The clean-up is steadily going on in New ORleans, but it was all up and down the Mississippi.  Might take a while.  BTW let me know if you like my blog, it is my first.

Sitting in the NOLA airport, Delta, CrownRoom, needing sleep!


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