Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Year and New Foods

Well 2009 is here and some of you celebrated it in the traditional way by eating black-eyed peas and cabbage and blowing yourselves into the new year. I started a diet. I am cutting carbs out of my diet which means no rice, bread, pasta, etc., at least for a while. There are lots of foods that I can eat, I love meats, cheeses, and some vegetables, which makes this diet easier for me than most traditional diets.

Let's say you want to fry some shrimp but don't need the breading. Drop a bag of barbecue pork rinds into a food processor and PULVERIZE them. Dip your peeled shrimp into a milk/egg wash, and then into the pork rind dust. Make sure you get the shrimp covered properly. Deep fry them and enjoy.

For a sweet snack, add a pack of Splenda to about 4 ounces of cream cheese, spread an even layer onto a slice of muenster or mozzarella cheese. Then spread a thin layer of low sugar/carb peanut butter. Roll the cheese up and slice it into pinwheels. Go an extra step and melt some low carb chocolate and dip the pinwheels into it. Let them cool in the fridge. Have fun with these.

If you are starting a diet this new year, good luck and hang in there. It's not easy but it's worth it. Good Health!


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  1. I have to watch my sweets and fats. Hate it cause I love to eat and to look at recipes. That's how I found your blog.

    I wanted you to know that I am giving you credit for some of the items that I shopped for in NO this past weekend.

    The post will show up 1/19/09. I always try to have a week in adv. posted in case something happens. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for blogging.

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