Monday, July 20, 2009

Kitchen Witch Cook Books

While walking in the French Quarter last week, I came upon a curious little book shop that seemed very inviting called the Kitchen Witch. Specializing in cookbooks was what drew me inside where I met the owner Philipe LaMancusa.

Very friendly, with a pair of very cool glasses, Philipe helped me in searching for a few titles among the biggest collection of Cajun and Creole cookbooks I have found anywhere. As a matter of fact the quantity of all-around Southern cookbooks was quite impressive.

We talked about cookbooks, publishing, and his dealings with New Orleans building codes and those that enforce them. He also gave me some great advice about cookbook marketing and where to track down some great fried chicken using Austin Leslie's famous techniques.

There are so many great cookbooks, including out of print books, and specialty marketed volumes of recipes. In addition to books they also carry collector's LPs. Racks of old vinyl records contain many treasures to the right buyer.

If you are looking for specific Lousiana cookbooks, or any cookbook for that matter, contact these nice folks. Philipe LaMancusa and his lovely partner Debbie Lindsey operate the Kitchen Witch at 631 Toulouse Street, just off Royale St. in the French Quarter, and can be e-mailed at



  1. I think this is the place that offers to ship genuine new orleans water to make your gumbo with to give that authentic taste

  2. Don't let me near there. I would go broke!


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