Thursday, October 8, 2009

Check out these Jack-O'-Lanterns

American sculptor Ray Villafane has some of the most incredible pumpkin sculptures I have ever seen. He has an amazing tutorial on his site to help you do the same. Now, we've all carved our share of pumpkins, but never anything on this scale. these things are tremendous works of art. If they didn't rot, they should be in a museum. What is really amazing is seeing the tutorial on his site and how simple he makes it look. Old triangle eyes and toothy grin this year most likely.

I hope you go to his site and check out his other artwork. As you all know I love Halloween and all its trappings. I will be posting more Halloween stuff on here. I will be spending Halloween in New Orleans!
I am going to House of Shock, and hopefully 13th Gate in Baton Rouge. These are two gigantic Haunted Attractions in Louisiana owned by friends and haunt associates of mine. I have never seen Dwayne's place yet, and am yet to see House of Shock's new location. It will be a great Halloween. In the mean time, enjoy these great pumpkins!

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