Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's been a long Winter

Well, I guess a lot of you are wondering where I have been. A couple of things, my computer was in the shop, I have been snow bound a couple of times, and I really haven't done or had anything good or fun to write about. I have an upcoming post about Wintzell's Restaurant, but am waiting on the pictures.

Some good news, Top New Orleans Chef John Besh beat Mario Batali, Thursday night, on Iron Chef America. While I respect Mario Batali and his impressive knowledge about Italian food and others, it was nice to see our boy win one. He should have been an Iron Chef, but Michael Symon was picked by the judges. OK, I'm sorry, Symon is good but John Besh whomped him. Oh well, what'ya you gonna do.

Crawfish season is on and I am looking for some in Mobile. I will alert you when I have found some, in the mean time, go out and find your own mudbugs, berl'em up and have yo' self a time.


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  1. We're ready for the crawdaddies too! Going to have to make a trip down South soon to pick up a bag or 2.


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