Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Savannah's Moon River Brewing Company

In 2003, the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology named Savannah the most haunted city in America. And what's widely regarded as the most haunted place in Savannah? The Moon River Brewing Company.

While in Savannah with my family, we went to Moon River for lunch and had a wonderful time. The burgers, most of us ordered burgers, were amazing. Everything we had there was wonderful, and I thought Halloween would be a good time to post about it.

Located on the historic Bay St. the only problem we had was parking, you're best to walk from your hotel if it's nearby, there's also a parking garage a few blocks away. Of course being haunted had peaked my interest to start with and was instrumental in our dining arrangements.

After lunch we made our way down to the cellar, which is the reported center of the haunting. Seems they have a ghost named Toby in the cellar and a lady ghost up on the third floor that has been seen by many. After roaming around and taking pictures, as well as recording some sound clips we determined the ghosts had taken the day off.

This doesn't mean it isn't haunted, it has been visited by suck paranormal television shows as Ghost Hunters, and the wacky boys of Ghost Adventures. As a matter of fact both caught valuable evidence in their investigations.

We had a wonderful day, a great meal, and top notch vacation in the historic city of Savannah Georgia. For more information you can find the Moon RIver Brewing Company at 21 W. Bay St., or call them at 912-447-0943. You can find them online at Moon RIver Brewing Company Pictured is the Savannah Georgia Customs House, which is on the other side of Bay Street from the Brewery.

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  1. If I saw a ghost that would nix me from going outside to feed horses after dark by myself!


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