Monday, January 9, 2012

Farmland Foods Smoked Spiral Ham Slices and Pieces

I found this product at my WalMart here in Sevierville and have fallen in love with it. Now you all should know, I love the crispy, sometimes crunchy parts of meats. For example, I love the end-cut of prime rib, I love the crispy skin on the turkey, and the crunchy bits left around the bone in a ham, smoked or fresh. I also love the taste of smoked, cured ham and using it for seasoning dishes such as beans, soups, or whatever. I have an economical answer to all these.

Farmland Foods Smoked Spiral Ham Slices and Pieces is a package of scraps, chunks, and I'd say about 60 - 65% of it are nice slices for sandwiches. Oh those big chunks are amazing. I had seen this kind of packaging of ham scraps in New Orleans with other companies, but we don't get those up here in Tennessee. This ham is wonderful tasting, right amount of smokiness, and great for seasoning nearly anything or just nibbling on. Tonight I am using some in my Jambalaya along with andouille sausage, and chicken. Check out the Farmland Foods website above, or if you are at WalMart, ask about these taste tidbits and morsels by Farmland. If you go to their website they have a store locator, if you contact Farmland, tell them RouxBDoo sent you!



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  2. I love" farm land ham bits" and my Wal-Mart stopped selling them and put in another brand ......the new brand isn't nearly as good , so I found the produce manger and ask him why they didn't sell them anymore ......he said it was probably because of price .....would please tell me where I buy them here in my town ..........I have tried several stores , but to no avail..........I'm am willing to drive to the next city , if necessary , or maybe you could send me a box in quantity ....Thank You

    Buddie Salsbury
    269 Deerwood Circle # 8
    Naples , Florida 34113

    the Wal-Mart store I shop is 9885 Collier Blvd....Naples

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