Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zac Brown Band - "Eat and Greet"

Well friends I have a guest poster for this go around.  Amy Vaughan contacted me about writing a post about Louisiana Chef Rusty Hamlin.  Rusty is the executive Chef for the Zac Brown Band.  Sounded like something that my readers would enjoy.  Thanks Amy for your help and interest. Take it away!

What’s sweeter than the sound of a traveling country/folk band? A country/folk band that serves down-home cooking, that’s what!

The Zac Brown Band is on the road, both as legendary musicians and foodies.  Its “Eat & Greet” phenomenon is the hottest ticket around; the band tours alongside a 54-foot tractor trailer that happens to also be its mobile kitchen. At the helm is executive chef Rusty Hamlin. Rusty cooks in the tradition of Louisiana and the American South, having taken over from Zac Brown, himself. Zac had been the owner and executive chef, serving four generations of family recipes of Southern gourmet cuisine, but sold his restaurant and music venue in order to purchase the band’s tour bus so that they can tour full-time.

Now, the mobile kitchen has a six-burner stove, four ovens, an 18-foot prep area with three-compartment sink and tilting skillet and a full-size walk-in refrigerator. So, what is an “Eat & Greet”? When you attend an Eat & Greet, you dine with the band – buffet-style Southern food (including, of course, LandShark Lager and Jack Daniel’s)—and have the opportunity to socialize with the musicians over dinner. 

What are you waiting for? The band is waiting to dine with you


Amy Vaughan

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  1. Well that sounds like a really cool thing.

    And there ain't nothin' better than Southern style buffet food.


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