Monday, October 28, 2013

Weinerdillas or Pigs in a Sarape

I came up with this little recipe between my love for hotdogs on the grill and quesadillas.  This is something the kids and your entire family might like. Sometimes I have more hotdogs than buns, so one day I noticed I had some flour tortillas left over and came up with this little gem. With the weather changing I'm not going to have many grilling days left, so let's get at it.

6-8 hotdogs
6-8 flour tortillas
1 8 oz package of shredded Colby/Jack cheese
1 can chili with beans (opt.)
1 cup sour cream (opt.)
1 cup salsa (opt.)

First grill your hotdogs on your outdoor grill, take a tortilla and spread about an ounce of shredded cheese on it.  When your hotdogs are done, roll it up in the tortilla while it's still hot.  Let sit for a minute and the cheese will melt keeping the tortilla in the wrapped position.  Lay these back on your grill and let the tortillas get some color on them.  You can serve them with chili poured over the top or by mixing the sour cream and salsa together. Top them with some diced green onions for a little extra happiness.

If you don't have a grill, outside or in, you can cook the hotdogs on the stove, roll them in the tortillas and then place them in an oven to brown.  I sometimes make a dipping sauce of mayonnaise, creole mustard, and hot sauce to rub them around in.  These little guys are great!  BTW as you can see from the picture, I like my hotdogs charred black on the grill.




  1. Do you like skinless or natural casing dogs?

  2. I love my hot dogs all charred like that.

    An interesting creation Tim.

    p.s., I made your roast on Sunday. Excellent!!!


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