Monday, July 21, 2008

Adam Weber, Cajun Cook

While on vacation, at home with his family,  my little buddy Adam Weber cooked a full Cajun meal for a little family get-together.  He used a copy of my recipe book, made gumbo, jambalaya, and not sure what all else.  He said it went over huge with his family. 

Adam and I worked together on the MS Fantasy where he was a videographer.  He will be a great director someday. Maybe he'll be reassigned to our ship again, and we can cook together.  Hopefully Chef Jorg will let me cook Cajun food again.  It was a big hit last time, and I had a blast.

It turned out really well,  I was so relieved that everything turned out well, I am not used to cooking 6 gallons of anything! 

See you after your much deserved vacation, Buddy!

Photo by Mrs. Fury


  1. Neato. Thanks for the photo credit. I like your blog.

  2. Hey Timmy!

    Your blog is great!

    I can see that you & Adam are having a fun time at
    J'anita's for either lunch or dinner!


    p.s. I posted a couple of recommendations for food in Mobile.


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