Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NOLA spared by Gustav

It seems that New Orleans eased by fairly unscathed form Hurricane Gustav on Monday. The storm made landfall 72 miles southwest of the city Monday morning. The levees held and the repairs, made in the last 3 years, seem to have been fairly effective. I, along with millions, had prayed and held our breath for days. I am so relieved and happy for all my friends in the area. I do worry about friends in Houma, hopefully everyone there is alright.

I also admire the Republicans for delaying their convention in concern for the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Gustav. I am sick of everyone blaming everything but the weather on George Bush. Ray Nagin is a moron, I cannot believe he was re-elected. Gov. Bobby Jindal however, did an amazing job during the crisis. Good on you RNC, great job Governor.


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