Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Haunted New Orleans Restaurants

I found a really neat website of not only fine restaurants in New Orleans, but the ones that are haunted. I have the list here, but you need to go HERE to read the stories. This is the site for Haunted New Orleans Tours. Check the site out, or when in New Orleans you can take one of the great tours.

Here's the list...

1. Arnaud's Restaurant
The spirit of Germaine Cazenave is said to haunt the museum.

2. Brennan’s Restaurant
It is said to the be ghost of the late Chel Paul Blange, among others. The Red Room is an active spot.

3. Antoine's Restaurant
Make sure to tell the Ghost of Antoine hello.

4. La Louisiane Restaurant
Louis Bézaudun and his wife Ann's ghosts are said to be seen walking in and out of the building.

5. Muriel’s Restaurant
There are at least three known actual ghosts at Muriel’s, and maybe more.

6. Cafe Du Monde
Many of the locals swear of a ghost waiter that takes your order and dissapears.

7. Pat O'Brien's
The two most haunted areas of Pat's are the Piano Bar and the upstairs Ladies Room.

8. The Bombay Club Restaurant and Martini Bistro
The ghost of a Storyville Madame is sighted often.

9. Louis XVI Restaurant
Many of the ghost ofen are sighted in ghost photos taken at wedding receptions and around the Mardi Gras Season.

10. Court of Two Sisters
Many locals tell haunted Tales of the Two Sisters ghosts watching over them as they enjoy their wonderful meals.

Many other Haunted Restaurant in New Orleans have had reported ghostly encounters. Next time in New Orleans and you are thinking of having spirits while dining, you might better specify.


  1. Tim - Let me tell you about my little restaurant ghost story, and for the record I do not totally believe in ghosts; the totally comes from a few unexplained experiences in my life, this being one of them.

    Anyway, I read one of my restaurant books about New Orleans, before my last trip down called 'Etouffee, Mon Amour: The Great Restaurants of New Orleans'. Cafe Sbisa is covered, including its long history, I had never been there before.

    While walking down by the French Market very early one morning (about 7:00 am), I came across Cafe Sbisa and apparently they had closed. I was disgusted that they were closed after just reading about their long history. I leaned over, with my camera bag over my shoulder and peered into the window and said, out loud, to myself that, "Damn I wish I had the money to save this place" and right then as I was crouching over peering in that window, muttering to myself, I felt 2 quick, strong tugs on the strap of my camera bag. No BS!! Not little tugs, as I had to rearrange my footing. I snapped around and there was NO ONE around, anywhere.

    It still freaks me out thinking about it, I called my wife at the hotel right then and I remember that my hands were shaking.

    I still think that I need to buy that place (not that I can afford it). No BS in this story though man, anyone that knows me knows that I'm not one to tell ghost stories.

    Love the re'vamp'ed layout of Roux-B-Doo's! Happy Halloween!!


  2. I took a haunted history tour once. Eh I don't think it was worth it but obviously some do. Now, if I could manage to get inside the LaLaurie Mansion that would be great! My sis and I took some pics in the Court of Two Sisters that were a little strange with orbs and stuff. Funny, we just walked in during brunch and took pics. Nobody asked what we were up to. That day we went to many supposedly haunted restaurants and hotels and snapped pics. It's fun because you can't just walk in a hotel and say "Hi, could you point me to the haunted floor?" you have to do your research and sneak around. Bellboys can be very helpful if you smile. ;)

  3. I think that ghost waiter at Cafe du Monde works a lot of places. I've encountered those "phantom" waiters who take the order then are never seen again in lots of restaurants... heck there's a few fast food places where I could swear the whole staff were ghosts because the counter help disappears the minute you come through the door!


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