Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Danno's Return to NOLA

My blogging buddy Danno, whom I've never met before, made it into town last week for a few days of trying out new restaurants and reconnecting with old ones. We tried to meet but we weren't in town on the same day. He did make it by one of my favorites, Cochon Butcher. He has some wonderful pictures of his trip on his blog NOLA Cuisine, be sure to check them out.

We see Danno in the above picture, standing in jackson Square, in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. He also made it to several other places, like Casamento’s Restaurant, to sample some of their fine cuisine. He makes it into town periodically and is a true connoisseur of Cajun and Creole food. His blog has been an inspiration to me. I hope someday we can meet and have a meal together. Be sure to check out his extensive recipe collection HERE!


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