Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chefs and Restaurant Friends to aid Chef Matthew Murphy

Chef Matthew Murphy, the executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans, had a bad fall on May 19. The next day, after continued complications and swelling, he went to the emergency room and from there was taken directly into surgery. He was diagnosed as having a group-A Streptococcus infection, toxic shock syndrome, and disseminated intravascular-coagulation. In other words he was a very sick man. He was given a 25% chance of surviving.

Now, as of June 2nd his wife Alicia reported he is breathing on his own, and on the 4th that he was talking. The couple have quadruplets and are expecting another child. The financial burden is tremendous, but some help is on its way. On June 14th between 4pm - 8pm, 45 area chefs, including Paul Prudhomme, John Besh, Donald Link, and Tory McPhail, among others, will convene at the Ritz Carlton for a fund raiser to help Matthew toward his medical bills. The price is $65.00 and reservations may be made by calling 504-670-2828. For more progress about Matthew go HERE. Our prayers are with him and his family.

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