Monday, July 6, 2009

Court of Two Sisters

I recently made it over to the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant for their much acclaimed Jazz Brunch. For starters, what a wonderful place, whether you eat in the courtyard or choose to remain inside (where it's air-conditioned) you cannot go wrong. The wait service is extremely friendly as well as informative. My waiter, Paul Tarto (below), led me over to the buffet and showed me every item and described them as if he was describing any menu item. He was very patient and very attentive.

As I am not a huge salad fan, I can only tell you about a few of the cold items. The Crawfish Pasta was really good and fresh, both the Sweet Potato Salad with diced Andouille, and the Curried Chicken Salad were unique and tasty, as was the Country Paté. There were cold shrimp and crawfish on the cold bar too. If they're not in season, I'd avoid the crawfish. They won't make you sick, but they are not at their peak.

On the hot bar you see the carving station with turkey and roast beef. Right next to that was their famous Turtle Soup, accompanied with a bit of sherry vinegar. The main bar had many traditional Creole and Cajun dishes. Cajun Jambalaya, Shrimp Etouffée, Catfish Roulades stuffed with a Crabmeat Stuffing and topped with a Creole Mustard Creamé Sauce, (my favorite), Duck l'Orange, and Crawfish Marian just to name a few.

Candied yams, very luxurious mashed potatoes, Oysters Bienville, Grillades and Grits, and several breakfast items round out the hot selections among others. You can order omelets, I didn't, but they were recommended, their Shrimp and Crabmeat Omelet (pictured above) is a favorite. Now then... on to the desserts.

Desserts included Bread Pudding with a Bourbon Sauce, Bananas Foster, Ice Cream with Praline sauce, and many assorted cakes, pies, and confections. I really enjoyed this buffet, it really beats Harrah's by a long shot in my humble opinion. The price is $28.00 and includes your tea or coffee.

I recommend it if for nothing else but enjoying the ambience. The food is good, the old place is wonderful, and legend has it you might meet up with the ghosts of Emma and Bertha Camors, the two sisters. The restaurant has been featured on many Haunted Location television shows. The Jazz Brunch is served everyday.

Photos by Sara Essex


  1. I could have sworn I made a comment on this. Guess I didn't do something right.

    We were in New Orleans last week. Too hot for sitting outside to enjoy a meal. Also, with as much good food as you described, how could you pick what to eat?

  2. Always the number one stop for when in town. Better than Brennans or Commanders. Check it out!!!


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