Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Gumbo Christmas

One of my great friends and fellow magicians Jon Gilliam, who has an incredible hypnosis show in Gatlinburg, seems to love Cajun food, and is a frequent visitor to this blog. I really appreciate Jon's support of my blog and his willingness to try my recipes. Last year he made my Shrimp Etouffé with great reults. Recently on Christmas he took my Christmas Eve Seafood Gumbo post to heart. He went out and bought all the ingredients and sent me a picture of them all beautifully displayed. Now, I'm not sure if Jon or his lovely wife Adriane does the cooking, but there's got to be something good coming.

Here is his message he left me. "Christmas seafood gumbo HERE WE COME! Thanks to my good friend, entertainment mentor and top notch Cajun chef Tim Harkleroad." Now, y'all know I'm not a chef, but you do know I love to cook. Anywhooo, Jon was home with his beautiful little family for Christmas and he sent me a picture of his gumbo after it was made.

Along with the picture you see here, he wrote, "Here is my finished product. Not as dark as I think it should have been but I did not have cast iron so maybe that was why. It was good but not even close to the fried oysters and tarter sauce we made from your recipe. They were the BEST we have ever had by a landslide!" Well, to start with their gumbo looks GREAT to me, on top of that they also loved my oyster recipe. I'm batting a thousand.

Writing this blog is sort of like cooking for people, you want them to try it and give feedback. You also hope, down deep, it is the best they have ever eaten. Thank you Jon and Adriane for your friendship and your support, I am so honored. BBTW go see Jon Dee's Hypnotized Comedy Show when you're in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


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  1. Yummy! It looks good. Once again, thanks for sharing your recipe.

    It looks like he did a good job making it too.


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