Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama's in Mobile

In my quest to find unique dining establishments in my current home port of Mobile, I made my way downtown and strolled the quaint Dauphin Street to see what was going on... culinarily speaking. I found a lovely restaurant producing some great food without pretense, snobbery, or "flair." Nice atmosphere, just like you stepped back in time... the good time. High ceilings, a nice smell coming out of the kitchen, and people enjoying their meals. The name was simply "Mama's."

This place has been open in this location about 6 to 7 years. While there is no official Mama, Marshall Barstow answers to the call of owner, manager, or proprietor. A friendly fellow who told me how he'd like to expand but there's nowhere to expand to. That's a shame, they seem to have a great business. I was there around 1:30 on a Monday, and the place has full. It seemed to be mostly locals who, by the way, can lead you to the better eating establishments. (BTW of you're in a cruise port, follow the crew to the best eateries) I settled in and inquired from a fellow at a table nearby, "what's good?" "Everything," he said. Sounds like I've hit the spot.

I was greeted by a schweeeet little lady named Julie. Not only was she pretty, but was friendly as can be. I settled one some gumbo, since we all know "I LOVE GUMBO" and I need it every-so-often to summon my "inner Cajun" spirit. The gumbo was very good, nice and dark, with ample bits of seafood, in a word, TASTY! I will have to say I was disappointed their "Lunch Special Meatloaf Platter" was sold out. Dang, my second favorite, oh well, back to the menu. Oh, in this picture, Julie is on the right in a green shirt, and her friend and fellow waitress Ashley is next to her.

For my entreé, I chose the Red Beans and Rice. Being a Monday, and we all know the rule about Red Beans... well you don't remember??? Red Beans are cooked on Monday since it's wash day. The object is that you put them on and slide them back on the stove on simmer and let'em cook all day. The beans were exceptional, seasoned with the local favorite Conecuh Smoked Sausage, they had a wonderful flavor, all that smoky goodness in each bite. I also chose a side of collard greens with my meal. They were very nice as well. Everything was good here. I know they serve fresh seafood and Alabama Wild Shrimp for example. Good products make good meals.

In case you haven't figured this out, there is a lot of Cajun and Creole food down here in Mobile. As I've said before, "if I can't work out of New Orleans, Mobile is a great alternative." I would mention Mama's website, if they had one. I told Marshall he needs to get on that right away. He said he would. Since I am link happy, CLICK HERE for a page of great reviews. They are located downtown Mobile, at 220 Dauphin St., about a block from the park. They are only open for lunch, five days a week, 11:00am - 2:00pm. They have great food, good prices, and friendly attractive ladies to serve it to you. That's not sexist, they are pretty, and smart too, they liked my new hat I had just bought next door. I'll get a pic of it up soon, it's real nice!



  1. Is Mama's handicapped friendly?

  2. I am not sure if they are handicapped friendly. I seem to recall double doors and no steps, the inside is on one level, except for two tables up front on an elevated area. You can call them at 251-432-MAMA. Thanks for your inquiry.


  3. I always thought that place was closed down. I used to sit at the tables out front and make calls. Ha ha


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