Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oil Spill effect on Louisiana Seafood

The seafood industry is in terrible trouble in the Gulf of Mexico. This not only affects Louisiana but the entire Gulf Coast, eventually. While the Obama Administration twiddles it's collective thumbs, the problem gets worse. Prices are already being doubled on oysters in some markets. Most likely, it will affect all seafood. I hope there is a solution, and some genius finds it before too soon, BP sure isn't going to do anything but pass the blame.

Here is an article that illustrates the seafood industry's problems. It's not only the wholesalers, restauranteurs, or diners that are suffering, but the fishermen will be hurt the most. Many are just now starting to recover from Katrina, and now this. I am completely speechless, I have nothing else to add to this post.

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  1. It's very sad. And so bad in so many ways.

  2. Hey, were in New Orleans this weekend. Stopped and got crawfish, shrimp and crabs. My husband asked how much the oysters were. The lady told him heart attack level. $10 for 1 dozen.........

    We didn't buy any.

  3. I`m so enraged and sad about this that i have no more words.

    I`m soon going down to New Orleans again to see the city i love the most and my good friends. And i`m gonna eat as much seafood as i can, but now i`m wondering if the oysters will be gone by july..

    And there´s some very worrying reports like Drago`s adding char broiled mussels to their menu just in case.. And the fact that P&J Oyster Co will stop shucking operations after 134 yrs...!!!

    Sadly i believe more will follow.

    Its the whole livelihood and way of life, animals and coastline that is being destroyed by those criminals.

  4. The thing is I'm totally disappointed and depressed because what happened in the Gulf Coast of Mexico and all that surrounds it are affected. I'm going mad if ever I can't eat my favorite seafood in a week. A lot of seafood businesses are in trouble because of that disaster..Too bad T_T

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