Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Backbones and Gravy

As a lot of you know, I love backbones, or country ribs. I usually get them boneless, so it becomes an oxymoron, boneless backbones. I have been cutting back on my carbs so I haven't made my favorite pork dish, Backbones and Rice. I made these and thought you'd like to see them. I braised these ribs actually. What is braising?

braise (brz)
tr.v. braised, brais·ing, brais·es
To cook (meat or vegetables) by browning in fat, then simmering in a small quantity of liquid in a covered container.

You start with about 3 - 4 lbs of backbones, (or country ribs, or country-style ribs, sometimes western ribs, never Country & Western Ribs) and give them a sprinkle of Cajun Spices, dredge them in flour (there go my carbs), and fry them in 3-4 tbs. of oil, on MED/HI, in a cast iron dutch oven, or big pot with a lid. After they are browned, about 20 mins., add a diced onion, 1 tbs garlic (minced), a bay leaf or two, 2 tbs worcestershire, and barely cover them with water or chicken stock. Let boil for about 20 mins., and place them in a 225º oven for about 4-5 hours. The will fall apart when you serve them, that is if you let anyone else have any.

These are great, give them a try. I served them with the gravy spooned over mashed potatoes, and the meat piled onto buttermilk biscuit halves. What was that? Carbohydrates? Dang.



  1. Those look fantastic.

    I know the biscuits were great too, but am cutting carbs also.

    Have you tried faux mashed potatoes. You know made from cauliflower. They're actually not that bad.

  2. Need to hit Poche's in Breaux Bridge on Saturday. They do a killer pork backbone stew.


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