Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Boudin Cook-Off

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. As you well know I LOVE BOUDIN!!! It is one of my favorite things in the world to eat. I got this note from Bob at the officialistest boudin website they is www.boudinlink.com. I am going to paste it in as I got it. It is the press release for the 2010 Boudin Cook-Off. I can't make it so bring me some by when you leave.

Lafayette Louisiana holds one of the state’s most unique food related festivals each October. The annual Boudin Cook-Off is a celebration of Louisiana’s Cajun boudin sausage, which is a delicious blend of pork, rice, and seasoning loosely stuffed into a casing and eaten throughout South Louisiana from sunup to sundown. At the Boudin Cook-Off over twenty of the region’s top boudin makers bring their best boudin and boudin inspired dishes in three categories (traditional, specialty, and unlinked) to sample to the crowd and to vie for approval from the judges and from the people in the form of the coveted People’s Choice Award.

Last year’s entries included boudin stuffed jalapenos, shrimp boudin egg rolls, boudin pie, boudin wontons, a boudin burger, smoked boudin, and boudin balls. There’s no other event quite like this boudin extravaganza. It is free to attend, offers live music, free activities for the kids, and includes a boudin eating contest where contestants attempt to scarf down six links of boudin in the fastest time. The folks behind www.boudinlink.com, the web’s premiere (and sole) boudin reviewing website and resource for all things boudin, coordinate the whole thing.

Information on the cook-off, which is held on October 16th in downtown Lafayette, can be found at www.boudincookoff.com. CajunGrocer.com, Downtown Lafayette, and the Lafayette Convention and Visitor’s Commission also present the event.


  1. Aw, I know you are going to miss going. Hope things are going well!


  2. My family has been searching for boudin pie recipe that has sweet potatoes and pecans. My dad's friend used to bring the back to Texas for us before the place he went to closed. Now my parents crave it but can't find a place to buy it or anyone that has even heard of it. Can you help?


Thanks for you Comment. Come back soon!