Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gunplay at Galatoire's

You know, when it's a lovely afternoon and you're having a wonderful meal at MY favorite restaurant in New Orleans, Galatoire's, you'd expect to get through the event without pistol fire interrupting the proceedings. Some lady dropped her purse and the gun inside hit the floor and went off, burying the bullet harmlessly in a wall. I doubt many of their 90 yr. old waiters even heard it go off. Knowing the Galatoire's crowd I doubt there was a cessation of eating to notice if anyone was dead. Oh how I LOVE New Orleans. And gals that carry guns to lunch... that's nearly as sexy as Galatoire's Soft Shell Crab Meunieré Almandine.

CLICK HERE to read the story from by Brendan McCarthy of The Times-Picayune.


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  1. That could have ended up badly. But, nowadays, I don't blame any woman for carrying her firearm with her.


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