Friday, October 19, 2012

Turkey Craw Beans

I had never heard of Turkey Craw Beans until my old pal Fiddle Dave Pierce fixed me a bunch. These are, to me, like a cross between a half runner and a shelly bean. Nice pods with huge beans in them. They are sort-of bulbous looking but oh so tasty.
I cooked these up like Mama used to cook them, a little bacon grease and cook'em down to the bottom of the pot. What do I mean? When cooking them, mama used to cook them in water, nearly covering them and then would cook the water out of them. You get a rich flavorful tasty bean that is perfect with a piece of cornbread and a few tomato slices. If you are the type that likes veggies crispy, don't use this method to cook your Turkey Craw or any other string bean. I have also used this method on Half-Runners and Greasy Back beans.

These are quite easy to make, I don't really need to give you a recipe per se, but here is a description on how to properly cook the wonderful beans.
Start with enough beans to fill your 5 qt. cooker, (2 - 3 pounds) You will need to string these beans, you can also snap them but I like leaving them whole. In the bottom of your cooker add a couple of tbs of bacon grease, or cooking oil, and bring pot up to MED/HI. I add a tsp of Tony Chachere's and a tsp of Black Pepper. I also like to add ½ tsp garlic powder or 1 tbs dried garlic chips.

Add your beans, you can fill it all way up to the brim, as they will cook down. Now add just enough water to where it comes up just under your beans. Now, bring the beans up to a boil for about 15 - 20 mins. Turn down the heat and cook your beans to cook clowly turning them every once in a while. Cover and cook on low for a bit until tender. Now remove the lid and cook them until all the liquid has cooked off. Oh man are these good. Don't salt them too much as cooking the liquid off concentrates all flavors and the might be too salty.

Our next post will teach you to make the best cornbread ever!

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