Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a Boudin day!

It's a Boudin day today. Pronounced Boo-Dan, this spicy Cajun sausage is made from rice, pork, and pork liver. I've really missed Boudin since I am no longer workin in New Orleans. Now my local Kroger store carries this Zummo brand. This is some I cooked up for lunch today.  Check out Zummo Meat Co.

Now a little quiz...

1. What's my favorite pork and rice sausage? Ans. Boudin
2. What is Chef Donald Link's favorite pork and rice sausage? Ans. Boudin
3. What do I say to my friend Dan on Halloween? Ans. Boudin

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  1. I've had some that's pretty good and some that was just okay.

    Too bad I can't remember what kind it was that we really liked.


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