Monday, August 4, 2008

The Jambalaya King!!!

Emile Stiffle is the Jambalaya King. Now he didn't just coronate himself the King, he earned it by winning many competitions and cook-offs, most notably beating Chef Bobby Flay on the Food Network show "Throwdown." Emile is a caterer and chef, his son Laurent (pictured on left) is an upcoming but accomplished chef in his own right.

I recently had lunch with Emile and Laurent and we had a great time. He is a wealth of information and a heck of a nice guy. You can visit his website with LOADS of Cajun recipes on it just click HERE! Chef Stiffle's recipes were a valuable study when I was preparing to cook on my ship for the staff. Although I had my own recipes, his recipes were a valuable study in proportions. That was a lot of gumbo and jambalaya to make, and his recipes helped me immensely.

Here's to the Jambalaya King, long live the King!

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