Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Chicken Butt

OK, we were having a discussion on a message board about the tail of the chicken. You know, the little lump of skin with a few tiny bones, and a scant morsel of meat? Yes, that one. One lady had heard it called the Pope's Nose. Well I did some checking and I found a list of the Top Ten alternate names for the chicken's tail. I hope you enjoy them.

The Colonel's Knob
El Pollo Asso Bucco Holo
The Outback Backside
Roy Rodger's Chicken Dodgers
The Nagin
The Judas Piece
MacNugget (well they come from somewhere)
Uday or Qussay (your choice)
Da Wagon dat Chicken be Draggin'

My Cajun friend and fellow food blogger, Arthur Hebert, reminded me that Justin Wilson called the chicken butt "the part that goes over the fence last." Click Here


  1. Then there is the classic Justin Wilson one about the last part of the chicken to go over the fence

  2. Y'all forgot one. We call it the croupillon (like, croo-pee-yon). (I was happy to see that it's in the Cajun Bayou Dictionary, too!) It's my mama's favorite part. But she's usually referring to the piece that's the undermost part of the chicken after you cut the backbone out, which includes the little tailbone you pictured above. It's her favorite part and we always cut our whole chicken up differently just so she can have that part to herself!


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