Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally a NEW POST

Sorry, sorry, sorry my friends that actually do stop by and check this blog out from time to time. I have been swamped at work and home very little. But I wanted to tell you of my new out-of-the-way food find. It is right in the NOLA Airport. The ACME Oyster House is of course a venerable old restaurant in the French Quarter on Iberville since 1910, but if you are flying out of New Orleans in the morning, and are hungry? Take your self, and "rat now," over to the ACME "Erster" House in the airport and order the andouille and egg Po-Boy. Oh Man, was it good.

Now, I have been on a low carbohydrate diet since the first of the year, and I believe this was the first bread I've eaten, but it was worth it, with that great old french bread, sauteed onions and peppers, andouille sausage, all stirred up into real eggs. No egg substitute here. OK their prices are ridiculous, but you actually get near what you pay for unlike alot of the airport reataurants. Get 'en to smear a little mayo on it too! Give it a try if your out that way.


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  1. I can't decide what kind of diet I'm going to be on this time. Probably going to be low fat and low sugar again.

    It stinks. I hate people who can eat anything they want and never gain weight or have problems with their health.



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