Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deanie's in the French Quarter

I finally made it over to Deanie's Seafood Restaurant, after watching Adam Richmond tackle the monstrous BBQ Shrimp on Man vs Food. Deanie's Bucktown originally opened in 1961. Their current location, at 1713 Lake Avenue in Metairie, has been serving folks great seafood for years. The good news is they also have a French Quarter location. It has been there for 8 years, according to our waiter, and is located on the corner of Iberville and Dauphine, just a block off Bourbon St.

I arrived with one of my shipmates. Our friendly waiter offered us a small plate of red potatoes that had been cooked in Old Bay seasoning, or at least tasted like it. They were wonderful! My friend ordered berl'd crawfish and I got the BBQ Shrimp appetizer. I also got "Busters" for my entrée. Busters are softshell crabs and they're my favorites. They were wonderful, lightly battered and fried, with a tasty slaw as well.

The shrimp were just amazing. Like the ones in the Man vs Food video clip below, they were HUGE! They looked like dolphin. They were served with a small individual baguette of french bread to sop up all that wonderful buttery sauce they're cooked in. Their prices are comparable to lower than most of their nearby competition. I heartily recommend them.

They have an informative website HERE. Make sure your trip to the French Quarter includes a trip to Deanie's. Great food and excellent service, at moderate prices.


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  1. the best i ever had, hands down!


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