Saturday, August 22, 2009


Zatarain's has been a New Orleans' tradition since 1889. Although they have a very wide and encompassing selection of products, my favorite is their Creole Mustard. This is one of the first products introduced by Emile Zatarain in the late 1800s. It remains a big seller to this day. Now, I know they have rice mixes, seafood boils, gumbo base, Creole Spices, etc, but my favorite is still their mustard.

Anywhere you use yellow mustard, try this instead. I use it in recipes, sometimes I use it in my barbecue sauce. My favorite application for it is on a roast beef or Ferdi Po-Boy. There is nothing better than that spicy mustard complimenting my Po-Boy, and not just the meat type, shrimp, oyster, fried crawfish, all can benefit with a shot of Zatarain's Mustard.

I like mixing it with mayonnaise, (about half and half), or with Steen's Pure Cane Syrup for a nice glaze for pork loin or chicken. I learned that little tip from my friend Danno at NOLA Cuisine. Anyway you use it is fine and it's up to you! Please go over to their site and see the many great products a they offer. For their website CLICK HERE!

PS: I like their Cayenne Pepper too!