Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Ferdi Special Po' Boy

If you've never been to New Orleans you might be asking, or "Ax-ing" as the locals say, "what is a Po' Boy?" Well a Po' Boy is a large sandwich on a foot long piece of French bread. It can contain meats, fried seafoods, grilled sausage, or even french fries with brown gravy on them. Basically it is their name for a sub. One of my favorites is the Ferdi Special. It is a combination of baked ham, roast beef, and beef debris gravy. Now debris gravy is a thick broth containing some of the shredded-up bits of roast beef that fall into the pan while baking and slicing. It keeps the sandwich nice and moist.

The Ferdi special was invented at Mother's Restaurant, on Poydras St., only a few blocks from the French Quarter. We have covered Mother's Restaurant before on this site, you can see it by clicking HERE. To tell you story of the Ferdi, it was actually easier to quote their own words... "Mr. Ferdi, a local merchant and regular Mother’s patron, probably had nothing more than a meaty sandwich in mind when he asked that some ham be added to his roast beef po’ boy (or vice versa, the legend is hazy). But word got out and the combo was soon a hit. Voila! – the Ferdi Special was born."

Ferdi's are available at many restaurants in town, one of my favorites being at NOLA Grocery. Pictured is my one from Mother's that I had on my last trip to town. It was great, really tasty and with loads of meat. The Ferdi Special is definitely one of my favorite types of Po' Boys.



  1. We went to Mother's for breakfast, but need to try it around lunch next time!

  2. It was great, genuinely tasty and with loads of meat.
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