Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jon Dee's Christmas Soup and Jambalaya

I am always deeply gratified when my readers and friends actually try my recipes and send me reports and pictures of what they fix. Some of the best food photos have come from these associations. As is the case with the two lovely dishes, which, BTW, come from my friend, hypnotist, and previous contributor Jon Dee of Gatlinburg Tennessee. OK, I don't think he lives there but his AMAZING HYPNOTISM SHOW is there and should not be missed. CLICK HERE for more information.

The first picture is that of a bowl of my Metairie Shrimp and Crab Soup. This recipe was developed in the New Orleans suburb or Metairie, at my friend Doug Ferguson's house. We would go over to Whole Foods, get a second mortgage on our houses, and spend it on seafood for this wonderful soup. I think John called it his $50.00 Crab and Shrimp Christmas soup, implying he made the soup instead of buying toys for his children at Yuletide. The other item is my World Famous (in my little world) Cajun Brown Jambalaya. This make a wonderful compliment to each other,

This is Jon, isn't he cute? And evidently frustrated about something, the grocery bill probably. Really, he's a nice guy, loving husband and father, and a good friend. I just like this picture of him. He's come so far from that apple-cheeked lad in his teens that used to come visit me. We've both come a long way. Jon, I am honored you have, once again, chosen my recipes to celebrate Christmas with. You have good taste, and from the looks of your pictures, your food does too! To get both recipes, along with a dozen more of my best, CLICK HERE and get them all.

Thanks Buddy for sharing, and to all a good night.



  1. That's so true and funny about the price of crab and shrimp.

    The food looks fantastic. That is a good tribute when you get good reports back on a personal recipe.

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