Saturday, January 1, 2011

Green Ham??? Sam I am?

Well, you heard about it in the writings of Dr. Seuss, but you probably never thought you'd see one. As it turns out, a green ham is an un-cured ham that still has the skin and fat on it. This is also the ham my mother has been fixing for Christmas for years now. We have always, as far as I can remember, have had what Dad used to call a "fresh ham." Last year the butcher told us the term "green ham" referred to a fresh ham with the skin and fat remaining attached.

Why should you keep the skin on? We've found out the ham stays moist and remains that way even after refrigeration. It really improves the taste too. Most chefs will tell you that meat derives a lot of flavor from the fat. Plus the skin retains the moisture during the lengthy baking process. Mom bakes hers' around 30 minutes per pound. This year she got a 23 pounder!!! Believe me, that's one BIG ASS HAM! Bake it until the bone feels loose enough to shake out of it. She scores the top, (as pictured), salts and peppers it good, and slings it in a 350º oven for a long while. Bring it out and let it sit for about an half hour before slicing it. It will practically fall apart.

Try this type of ham on your next holiday, we sometimes do one of these at Easter too. The flavor is cross between a pork loin and roast beef. Actually it's much better than either one of those meats. I taste's like Christmas to me and our family. One of those family traditions that my 87 year old Mother still handles. I glad she does.



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