Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Louisiana Dried Shrimp

I found out about these little fellows years ago. I was dating a girl in Houma, and when I went down to visit her the first time there in Houma, she ran into a gas station and grabbed a pack. She ate them like you would eat peanuts. I actually developed a taste for them and would pick up a pack from time to time. They are primarily used to make shrimp stocks and add to a gumbo. As for a snack, you REALLY have to like the flavor of shrimp. They are tiny and a bit chewy but after the first few, they're like... jerky, in a way.

These are available all over Louisiana in grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. You can also order them from places like Simply Cajun or from Pure Cajun Products. They also make dried shrimp powder that you can toss right into a pot of boiling water and SHAZAAM... great shrimp stock. This and the dried shrimp pictured are from Rouse's Supermarket. Whether you use them for stock or gumbo, or decide to eat them as a snack, this is TRUE Louisiana.



  1. Okay...I'm going to look for them next time at Rouse's. I luv that store.

  2. Hi Tim, great blog! I love dried shrimp, but have never tried the powder for shrimp stock. I adore Rouse's market, too and shop there, all the time. Thanks for the great tip!

  3. I never thought of that before. Sounds good to me. :0)

  4. For real?, I didn't taste it when I'm in Louisiana :( to bad. One thing I loved the most about Louisiana is their foods, simply amazing..

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  5. How much are the by the pound.

  6. Hmmm! shrimps are my favorite!!! Thanks for posting!!!! I love dried shrimps and tempuras!!


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